Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 26, 2008

Armed with my new Coopers Beer Kit I proceeded to prepare an extract batch:
  1. Coopers Beer Kit
  2. Substituted Australian Pale Ale Kit (batch date=20080317, Best before=20100309)

The info I got from in THIS thread made me decide to lengthen fermenting times (primary as well as bottling).

As the thread shows, I had questions and got EXCELLENT responses! I heartily recommend this forum for anyone interested in brewing! Not condescending or elitist at all!

Ok, back to the brew!

Note: All hour formats will from now on be in 24 hour (military) time and date stamps will be in a


2008-12-26-1930: Sanitized w/Coopers Sanitizer

Set-up in Kitchen in the corner of the counter that sees no use, heated the extract, brew enhancer 2 (sugars) and added cool water to get to my target temp.

2008-12-26-2000: It ended up higher than I wanted (27.25C) as target pitching temp. is 21C-27C but I pitched anyways.

2034: 26.75C

2008-12-26-2200: 26.5C. Took hydrometer reading = 1046 (note to self: above the number is lower!)

2008-12-27-1000: 25C. SG=1034.

2008-12-27-2000: 25C. SG=1030.

2008-12-28-1000: 24C.

Ok, I confess, I am waaay to excited and overzealous with my new hobby! I ordered another Beer Kit from Coopers so I will have 2 fermenters going! Wheeeee! I've been reading and reading and decided to not (yet) delve into boiling/grain but it's something I will work towards eventually. Being able to make my OWN recipes will be wonderful!

Disclaimer: I realise some will look at my entry into the hobby as a partial endeavor and that Stupours Brewery is making (pretty much) set recipes at this time (manufactured by Coopers Brewery) but I look at it that each batch is unique to itself (despite even using same ingredients). The most important part is the pleasure of drinking good beer with the knowledge that I made it myself, isn't it? :-)

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